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Proxy Activation - Extension

Instructions for activating the proxy server:

  • When paying for the goods, you are given a promo code to get a proxy!
  • To activate it, you need to log in to Telegram bot
  • If you activate the promo code for the first time, then you need to launch the bot with the command "/start"
  • click on "Activate proxy" and send promo codes to the bot (no more than 50 pieces at a time!)


Instructions for extending the proxy:

  • In order to extend active proxies, you need to:
  • Purchase and activate a promo code in the telegram bot
  • "Personal Account" => "Active"

  • To extend the proxy server, the same promo code is used as to activate the proxy server.
  • I.e., by purchasing the proxy USA promo code, you can either get a new proxy for 1 month, or extend the existing USA proxy


  • Attention!
  • If you have a geo USA proxy server, then you need to buy a promo code for USA!
  • The promo code for renewal is the same as for buying a proxy!