Acc-Farm - Магазин качественных аккаунтов!

Мы являемся прямым производителем а не перекупами !
Наши ценны без каких либо наценок как у посредников !
Метод регистрации аккаунтов гарантирует их высокий траст !
Приобретайте аккаунты на прямую у регистратора, а не у перекупов !

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Store Rules

1. Product verification: performed within one hour after purchase. After this time, the product cannot be exchanged. If you come across a non-working account, submit a request to technical support.

Application example: order number; time of purchase; which proxies and software were used. Application review time: from 10 minutes to 12 hours.

2. Using accounts: If possible, use accounts immediately after purchase. Purchase the amount that you will be able to process (use) in the near future.

3. Account blocking: Account blocking may be due to inactivity, scheduled cleaning of multi accounts and other actions. Therefore, do not buy accounts for the future.

4. When logging in to 2 or more accounts, use different devices and proxies!

5. Refund: in case of an invalid account, a refund is made only if this product is out of stock. In all other cases, the product is replaced!

6. If the account is valid, but you are unable to register a third-party service for it (Google Voice, etc.) through our accounts. then the account cannot be replaced!